After a round of checking which blogs are gone I only found 2, which means that two blogs will be removed from HBG! The blogs are anime-rules-my-world and ecchichap! Well, well, hope they have a good life outside of Tumblr! :) ~Kevin

I post/re-post what I find interesting and gets me going (mostly hentai but you can also expect to see real life porn and naked women). I look for pictures, gifs, and videos that stand out to me. A source for fapping pleasure, draining your balls and/ relieving stress. NSFW and nothing homosexual. is a NSFW 18+ Hentai, Erotic Art & World Of Warcraft Porn Blog Run By Australian MILF, GamerMILF. I post lots pictures to satisfy everyone’s needs. Send me a request !

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Ahrinsfw is a blog partially for my own enjoyment and partially to meet new people interested in the same things I am. I post a wide range of hentai and love each and every single one of my sexy followers. My inbox is always open and I’m always happy to service my gorgeous followers. I love to role play and talk dirty too!

This is where I post all of my own hentai artwork.
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There’s big breasts, flat chests, tentacles, dicks, BDSM, ecchi, paizuri, blowjobs, vore, nekomimi, futa, footjobs, unbirth and other alternative hentai, tribal girls, cumshots, dunk tanks and much more!

Yesterday and Today I have gotten submissions from 5 blogs! This is just awesome! :) This means a lot to me that people really want their blogs on here! :) Thank you to all who submitted and to all who shared this blog! I am doing this for all Hentai Blogs and all Hentai Lovers and it feels amazing to know that this blog helps! So if you have added your blog here I would like to know if you have gained followers! Thank you! :)


From the director who brought you TacticalSalad, NekoSalad, YuriSalad, and FutaSalad, comes a brand new blog. A blog that is completely filled with doujinshi! Every day, all day, brand new doujinshi posts. 18+ NSFW

Taking over tumblr….one hentai blog at a time…

My blog is really a mash up of all different kinds of hentai with the occasional live action porn thrown in for good measure. I will post almost anything as long as it is high quality. Things you could expect on my blog: Hentai, Yaoi, Yuri, Furry, Loli, Light Bdsm, Live action, etc.

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I just like to post everything related to anime, especially yaoi and everything that fits my taste ♥ I also love to reblog quality hentai/yuri images, videogames related too ^^

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Have you felt your dashboard lacking? Well you don’t have to anymore. I make sure to post only the best, most quality pictures. A lot of people tell me the pictures I put up they have never seen before. And did I mention my specialty is anime feet? So if you wanna see some lovely feet, toes and soles mixed with other categories of hentai and anthro/furry, then definitely follow me. There is also pure non-feet hentai and anthro/furry porn. ^^
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Tired of seeing the same images popping up in your usual stomping grounds? Me too, so I started collecting the best ones I see and made a Tumblr out of them. Turns out the world of hentai blogs on Tumblr has a lot to offer too, so it became a mix of personal collection and reblogs of the day. With a steady stream of vanilla (no futa, no furry, no yaoi), it’s the perfect place for you to rest your balls on after they explode. </infomercial>

Seriously though. if I made your fapping experience better in any way, mission accomplished. :)

An excellent blog that offers many different types of hentai. There is definitely something for everyone. I am very excited to spread my love of hentai and meet some new people along the way. Enjoy! ;P

You can find great hentai pix right here on this blog and get to enjoy varieties of hentai that will make you horny. This blog entirely consists of doujinshi pix (or manga hentai for those who don’t know). So I hope to please you all :D! (Admin of hentaiblogsgallery)
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Hi everyone! I am Kevin, also known as the admin of this Gallery and the owner of hentai-for-life! :) On that blog I post whatever I want (That isn’t on the blacklist of my blog)! :) So please come over and have maybe a little chat or if you want you can request whatever you want that isn’t on the blacklist! :) Thanks! :)