Hey! I’m Senpai and I post whatever I find sexy or cute. Here is the place where I release the pervert from me. I also have a strong foot fetish. Feel free to talk to me. I hope you enjoy my little perverted blog!
(Re-made account of sugoimilk)

Hello! I post a little bit of everything that fits my taste. From picture from around the internet, to my own mangacaps and my own gifs. Everything is always tagged and always sourced and title of the hentai each gif I make is in the description. Hope you all enjoy this new account! ♥


I’m simply posting/reblogging anything I enjoy. Please keep in mind that I’m bisexual, so there’ll be both straight and gay content (Not as frequent as straight content though). I don’t like loli and furry, so you won’t see any of that here.

I’m still new to the whole hentai blog thing, but this is where I let out my inner pervert. I provide my fellow perverts with nearly everything that I  can find. I should be making my own gifs soon~! So, keep an eye out for those.
(Former Spacecat-nsfw)

Hi! I’m Space and this is my side blog full of hentai, yuri, and many other things so there’s bound to be something here you like!

Then hentaiblogsgallery is the place for you! :) This blog is full of blogs that is awesome! All from Yuri to Yaoi to BDSM to Feet Fetish, you can find all! :) If want to have your blog featured on that blog then check out the rules here for more info, or if you are using your phone then send me a message on here! :) I would love if you would consider submitted your blog, thank you so much! :)

~Kevin, admin of Hentai-for-life

My wonderful NSFW Yuri blog(: There’s not much too it besides the fact my blog is filled with ladies only.

Just another sukebe fella on his new blog… Just posting/re-blogging things that I like ^^

Bondage of body and mind, Deviant desires, Sinful secrets, Maids making shit happen.

I hope you came here hoping for a cheesy hentai blog promotion, because you have found it.

Hello horny internet traveler! You have had the fortune to stumble upon Jade’s Palace of Hentai! I am the Queen in these parts, I am Jade. After the fall of my former kingdom, a blog known as MuchHentai, I have constructed a new castle of just the same hentai! Here you may freely explore the halls filled with anything from yuri to bestiality to futanari and lolis, the possibilities are diverse in my palace. But if you ever find yourself to be lost in the vast halls, you can always resort back to my tag system to find the destination and hentai you want to see. I am a very public monarchy, feel free to message me when you would like and ask anything you would like to know. I love talking to followers and hope to make my blog more of a community than a mindless stream of images. So come and chat!

Thank you!

~Jade Hentai 

Only anime black girls. Ecchi and some Hentai (all uncensored). NSFW 18+. (Former AnimeHentaiPix)

You can find great hentai pix right here on this blog and get to enjoy varieties of hentai that will make you horny. This blog has nearly any kind of hentai and I am sure that you will fap over it all. You can find straight hentai, tentacles, furry, neko, incest, yuri and more…but normally I mostly post normal hentai. ENJOY!! :D

My personal collection of my favorite hentai related goodness. Expect to find lots of hentai, gangbangs, yuri, BDSM and the occasional yaoi.

Welcome to my little corner of tumblr, where I gather hentai related things that I like. Expect cat girls, elves, loli, and yuri to frequently appear.

From raven3ye comes voremplification! A blog devoted to (you guessed it) vore and other strange fetishes. Can’t find what you want? Send me a request and I’ll find it for you. Note: not for the faint of heart.