Hi! I’m Cate, I used to run Hentaimangadoujin, but it was terminated a couple of months ago so I started this one. It’s a Hentai Manga blog and it’s mostly Vanilla, but will also have BDSM. I haven’t posted in a while but I finally have time now so I’m trying to get my old followers back. Fortunately, some of them have found me but I used to have more than 15.000+ so maybe this could help them to find me. It’s also good to get new followers, so you’re all welcome to Lovematio :3. That’s all, hope you like it! Bye!

Hi I am a new pokeporn blog if u want to know more about me look at my blog :D

all the blogs that have been submitted to hentaiblogsgallery and I must say that I am very happy! We have gotten over 100 hentai blogs on here. 110 to be precise! SO AWESOME!!! Right? :)

So please, if you want to help me expand this gallery more or if you already have and want me to repost your blog then please submit or send a message to me! :) Thank you so much! :)

Just a pervy kitten posting whatever gets her going, which is a lot of everything.

Posting only the best uncensored (and some censored) Straight & Yuri Hentai.
And for those that like Yaoi, Futa & shemales follow my secondary blog.

Welcome to Muni’s Hentai blog. I post tons of content daily. over 1,000 follwers and counting! Here you will find Yuri, Big Breasts, Demon Girls, and the most KAWAII!!!! Plus, well known characters from your favorite shows. And, much more.  Submissions/Requests are also open! Don’t be shy, come on over!!!

Fauxy and her blog of Furries, Yiff, Hentai and more. ^-^ 

All the cute and naughty things you dream of. I post hentai & porn. Mostly BDSM, bondage, spankings, DD/lg, and pretty much anything with lots of cum and occasionally myself. I try to post 15-30 new hentai pictures a day when I can which is most days. I DO NOT post loli, shota, futa, or yaoi. Warning: there is music on my blog so you may want to turn down your volume if that bothers you. Enjoy!

Hello fellow hentai lovers! Im just your average hentai lover who loves boobs! If you like boobs then follow me! If you dont, follow me any ways! You can find me at ! I will post allmost everything you send me and I will awnser every single question you send. I love all of you!

Do i need to explain more? enjoy..*

Just a blog full of furry porn for your enjoyment

Just my blog full of hentai, a side project of chazthefurry

Want something more than your average hentai? Look no further! Destitute Orange has all the tanginess and juiciness of your average, everyday hentai blog, but with a little story to go along with it! The patented Destitute Orange formula has been tried and tested to produce high levels of sexual excitement every time you taste, so why not have a bite for yourself?

If you want to apply, please click on this link ( it redirects to a page where everything stands what you need to do. I don’t want messages with the application, the application is the submission with the pic and description. It all stands on the rules. so please read it!

If you are a phone user it might be complicated because you can’t apply on that, so if you have access to a computer please use that.

Thank you! :)

/Kevin, hentai-for-life

Has your dash been a blur of big breasted smut followed by god awful futa? Perhaps I can assist you in stepping out of the mundane and into the majesty that is Quality over Quantity. Preference tends to lead the hunt for quality towards pettanko loli and yuri, but I can assure you, you will find a wide range of tasteful hentai here. So come, let your inner pervert run rampant.