After a round of checking which blogs are gone I only found 2, which means that two blogs will be removed from HBG! The blogs are anime-rules-my-world and ecchichap! Well, well, hope they have a good life outside of Tumblr! :) ~Kevin

I post/re-post what I find interesting and gets me going (mostly hentai but you can also expect to see real life porn and naked women). I look for pictures, gifs, and videos that stand out to me. A source for fapping pleasure, draining your balls and/ relieving stress. NSFW and nothing homosexual. is a NSFW 18+ Hentai, Erotic Art & World Of Warcraft Porn Blog Run By Australian MILF, GamerMILF. I post lots pictures to satisfy everyone’s needs. Send me a request !

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Ahrinsfw is a blog partially for my own enjoyment and partially to meet new people interested in the same things I am. I post a wide range of hentai and love each and every single one of my sexy followers. My inbox is always open and I’m always happy to service my gorgeous followers. I love to role play and talk dirty too!

This is where I post all of my own hentai artwork.
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There’s big breasts, flat chests, tentacles, dicks, BDSM, ecchi, paizuri, blowjobs, vore, nekomimi, futa, footjobs, unbirth and other alternative hentai, tribal girls, cumshots, dunk tanks and much more!

Yesterday and Today I have gotten submissions from 5 blogs! This is just awesome! :) This means a lot to me that people really want their blogs on here! :) Thank you to all who submitted and to all who shared this blog! I am doing this for all Hentai Blogs and all Hentai Lovers and it feels amazing to know that this blog helps! So if you have added your blog here I would like to know if you have gained followers! Thank you! :)


From the director who brought you TacticalSalad, NekoSalad, YuriSalad, and FutaSalad, comes a brand new blog. A blog that is completely filled with doujinshi! Every day, all day, brand new doujinshi posts. 18+ NSFW

Taking over tumblr….one hentai blog at a time…

My blog is really a mash up of all different kinds of hentai with the occasional live action porn thrown in for good measure. I will post almost anything as long as it is high quality. Things you could expect on my blog: Hentai, Yaoi, Yuri, Furry, Loli, Light Bdsm, Live action, etc.

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I just like to post everything related to anime, especially yaoi and everything that fits my taste ♥ I also love to reblog quality hentai/yuri images, videogames related too ^^

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Have you felt your dashboard lacking? Well you don’t have to anymore. I make sure to post only the best, most quality pictures. A lot of people tell me the pictures I put up they have never seen before. And did I mention my specialty is anime feet? So if you wanna see some lovely feet, toes and soles mixed with other categories of hentai and anthro/furry, then definitely follow me. There is also pure non-feet hentai and anthro/furry porn. ^^
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Tired of seeing the same images popping up in your usual stomping grounds? Me too, so I started collecting the best ones I see and made a Tumblr out of them. Turns out the world of hentai blogs on Tumblr has a lot to offer too, so it became a mix of personal collection and reblogs of the day. With a steady stream of vanilla (no futa, no furry, no yaoi), it’s the perfect place for you to rest your balls on after they explode. </infomercial>

Seriously though. if I made your fapping experience better in any way, mission accomplished. :)

An excellent blog that offers many different types of hentai. There is definitely something for everyone. I am very excited to spread my love of hentai and meet some new people along the way. Enjoy! ;P (Admin of hentaiblogsgallery)
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Hi everyone! I am Kevin, also known as the admin of this Gallery and the owner of hentai-for-life! :) On that blog I post whatever I want (That isn’t on the blacklist of my blog)! :) So please come over and have maybe a little chat or if you want you can request whatever you want that isn’t on the blacklist! :) Thanks! :)

Hey! I’m Senpai and I post whatever I find sexy or cute. Here is the place where I release the pervert from me. I also have a strong foot fetish. Feel free to talk to me. I hope you enjoy my little perverted blog!